40 days in the desert with a drone

Posted on May 3, 2013


I’m starting a drone peregrination in the deserts of Egypt as a part of my research about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

I will be around fourty days in the desert to found the basics of the new religion of Dronism. Discovering their belief system, and the spirituality about this machines, listening histories of people living under them, giving meaning to this machines, imagining rituals and sacred symbols to the hypothetic -but real- religion of Dronism.

Ladybird copter, my travel friend

Ladybird copter, my travel friend

I travel with a little ladybird, to give the opportunity to local people to have in their hands a tiny drone -mini quadcopter- for help them to understand the capabilities of this sacred technology.

Another part of the project is putting banners around egyptian territory to inform how the people can protect themselves from Hebrón drones of Israel.


fifteen peaceful things that you can do for protect yourself from unmanned aerial vehicles

fifteen peaceful things that you can do for protect yourself from unmanned aerial vehicles

The instructions have been written from recent Al-Qaida drone papers. This terrorists have more than 10 years of experience designing and experimenting strategies to defend against U.S. drones in Afghanistan.

All al-Qaida references or offensives have been removed. They are rewrite with peaceful purposes for the sole purpose of offering innocent civilians a series of tools to protect them from unmanned aerial vehicles with common materials and / or trash: old cars, damaged home appliances, etc., which can be used to construct devices such as frequency inhibitors, blinding of cameras, etc..

The drone that appears in the photo is the Israel Hebron, is the most common in Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip. The Gaza Strip, along with Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia, is one of the areas of the world with more presence of drones.

The banner #0 was placed in the wall of Alexandria’s Library, in memoriam of Heron of Alexandria, inventor of rockets, firsts automatisms and robots. 300 years later Archytas of Tarentum invents the first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

Banner in front of Alexandria's biblioteque.

Banner in front of Alexandria’s bibliotheque.

At the begin of this process I’m formally inscribed myself in the national egyptian registry with the religion of Dronism. So Egypt, the cradle of civilizations, is the first nation of the world that accepts Dronism as a formal religion.

inscription dronismm in egypt

Inscription of Dronism in Egypt as a Religion

During my travel in Sinai, the Ladybird will share the airspace with Hebron drones of Israel, right now the Hebrons are killing people in the Gaza Strip.

In this video of a strike in Gaza where one person was killed by a Hebron drone, we can start perceive how the interfaces to control unmanned devices becomes thin, integrating machines and humans.

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