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August 27, 2017


  We moved all our development and R & D to We continue to use the platform and create innovations for a better world.  

Guerrila Drone Exhibition in MOBIBOM

February 17, 2014


  The first exhibition of Guerrilla Drone was inside the containers of Mobi Studios in Groningen in July of 2012. Was courious to work and exhibit in the same kind of structure than military pilots fly drones. The exhibition MobiBomb was shared with the rest of artists of the studio. One of the main sponsor […]

40 days in the desert with a drone

May 3, 2013


I’m starting a drone peregrination in the deserts of Egypt as a part of my research about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. I will be around fourty days in the desert to found the basics of the new religion of Dronism. Discovering their belief system, and the spirituality about this machines, listening histories of people living under […]

GuerrillaDrone travels to the Brazilian rainforest

November 7, 2012


The project Cybercoria Dronecoria was selected for going to Brazilian rainforest (Mata Atlántica) to perform a ecologicart project throwing seed bombs from the air. The project is developed in the framework of “Interactivos?’12 Nuvem Autonomías: ciencias del campo“. in the rural hacklab Nuvem

Anti eviction drone

October 15, 2012


As you know in Spain we have a strong crisis with a massive injection of money to the banks meanwhile thousands of people are evicted frome their houses. This video is a collaboration with PAH (affected mortgage platform) when GuerrillaDrone beam activist messages against the banks and corruption of politics and invite people for participate […]

Revolution is in the air

September 24, 2012


The revolution is coming.

Weekend of presentations of GuerrillaDrone in the Netherlands

September 13, 2012


Next Saturday I will present the project GuerrillaDrone in NP3.tmp, Groningen at 15:00. Sunday I have also a presentation in the environmentalist Camp Groentfront / Eath First! Is the preparation before the final opening of the exhibition MobiBomb next friday 21 September.

Cybernetic Collapse

September 6, 2012


All systems can be understood as complex sets where each complex system contains and is contained by other systems. All systems are in constant inter-connection with its internal and external environment. Any interconnection occurs at a fundamental level, in an exchange of information that produces communication. If a drone collapse with the ground from the […]

Warning: Flying Devices

August 29, 2012


I plan to deploy GuerrillaDrone in the grass in front of Mobi Studios for Open Lab Ebbinge, so I’m preparing the terrain for notice all citizens of the area that they need to share the public air space with drones.

Drone Cave

August 24, 2012


Yes, I use a sea container as a cave for GuerrillaDrone. Normally the universities and laboratories that experiment with drones have enough money for have big empty spaces with visual tracking systems where put their drones. I use the sea containers of mobi studios as safe area for test GuerrillaDrone and keep the rest of […]