Cybernetic Collapse

Posted on September 6, 2012


All systems can be understood as complex sets where each complex system contains and is contained by other systems.
All systems are in constant inter-connection with its internal and external environment.
Any interconnection occurs at a fundamental level, in an exchange of information that produces communication.

If a drone collapse with the ground from the real world, a cybernetic system composed by the comunication of this drone and a ground station can result with a run-time error in the software.

So if we can only understand cybernetics as a duality with infinite feedback, if we broke accidentaly this communication a correct cybernetic system can result with a nice Bus Error or a Blue Screen Of Death.

That is the case of GuerrillaDrone, when last week it crashes a cause of a motorfail and because it was too close to the ground for a rapid recovery. MissionPlanner software also crashes in the same instant.

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