Drone Cave

Posted on August 24, 2012


Yes, I use a sea container as a cave for GuerrillaDrone.

Normally the universities and laboratories that experiment with drones have enough money for have big empty spaces with visual tracking systems where put their drones. I use the sea containers of mobi studios as safe area for test GuerrillaDrone and keep the rest of the humanity safe.

Initialy, when the universities and companies started to work with robots, they don’t care to much about safety, until the first death of human by a robot back in 1979, was Robert Williams, a worker of Ford Motor Company in Michigan killed by a one-ton robot.


Until now there is always a fence that separes humans and robots, but from now on with drones, things are changed a bit, drones do not weight a ton, in fact they don’t weight nothing, they fly, drones don’t like fences, drones are asking for freedom.

Normally the fences of drone caves are nets of nylon also for protect the drone of crashes, not steal metal like my container, this makes all more exciting, one error = one crash.


In fact, last week I was adjusting the level of PID of the Y6 copter like this video, fixing the 3 arms with ropes.

OpenPilot TV Episode 2: PID Tuning from OpenPilot on Vimeo.

And I learned how not to do with the first try of GuerrillaDrone cutting their chains and asking for real freedom outside the building.

Drone Cave Crash from lot on Vimeo.

GuerrillaDrone will be free one day. Tremble corporations.

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