Drones Libres

Posted on July 8, 2012


The first time that I listen the word Drone was few years ago developping the project of Massive Comprehension Machine with my collegues of hackitectura.net  in the process of developping the cartographies and video of Cartografiando Gaza.

The Gaza strip was the first time to one govenment uses drones to surveillance civilians. In the aim of control of palestians, Israeli Military Forces develop a lot of ideas of control that later are exported to the rest of the world. In the work of Cartografiando Gaza we have documented all of this strategies of architecture and control.

Later, in 2010, in the summer worshop ESCOLAB by audiovisual colletive Telenoika, I see the first time a drone flying, and I realized that drones are not only military devices. Citizens can also use them, and I discovered the world of DIYdrones.

One of the first ideas that I proposed, too much ambicious for this moment, was the platform Drones Libres: A open architecture for agents of public air.


For this platform I analyzed all posible uses of drones, clasifing them by Function, Law, Behavior, Use, Cost, Control, Autonomy, Architecture, Owner & Fabrication. And use this context for porpose a series of drones useful for critic citizens.


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