Guerrila Drone Exhibition in MOBIBOM

Posted on February 17, 2014



The first exhibition of Guerrilla Drone was inside the containers of Mobi Studios in Groningen in July of 2012.

Was courious to work and exhibit in the same kind of structure than military pilots fly drones.

The exhibition MobiBomb was shared with the rest of artists of the studio. One of the main sponsor was a private investigation agency called Air Surveillance Agency that invite to use their drones for massive surveillance.



I included in the exhibition all the post-cold-war permissions and the correspondency with the Ministerie Van Defense of The Netherlands.


On the inner walls of the container could check the operating instructions of a drone.


In the opening some ballons was hacking the air.


All test & crashs was visibilized to the public.


A real drone vas suspended in the center of the container, sharing the space with a projection of it’s digital representation in a ground station of drones.


A shirt of a US pilot with a stamped algorithm for kill people from weaponized drones was included in the exhibition.



And a Fly demostration was performed with some public.

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