GuerrillaDrone is the design of a drone for audiovisual interventions in the public air using mixed reality. A complete aerial computer with free software and hardware.

Drones are autonomous machines with propellers that are able to stay still in space and move through the air. GuerrillaDrone aims to explore new uses of the air as a medium of expression, to anticipate the questions that modern society will face in the decades to come: the presence of robots in public spaces and in the public air space.
The citizens’ control is becoming an urgent priority for governments and states, the drone’s qualitative leap in contrast to the conventional surveillance camera is its mobility: you don’t know if you’re being watched. This strategy reaches its peak when using technology for complete control, everywhere and all the time of the civil society.
Israel is a pioneer in this field and its technology for the control of Palestinian territories is exported for the the borders between Africa and Europe and between the U.S. and Mexico. Technology transfer between the military and police forces reveals the imbalance of power between citizens and states.

The Aerial Hunter Killers are a production of avionics presented in the movie Terminator back in 1984. The metaphor was materialized through the U.S. “Predator” drone a few years ago. With high firepower that has killed hundreds of people in the wars that the U.S.A. maintains in Iraq and Afghanistan. The paradigm of complete control through continuous monitoring and bombardment with autonomous and semiautonomous drones. The most recent uses of drones are the surveillance of music festivals in England, for drug control. Detection of indoor growing of cannabis with an “artificial nose” in chimneys of the Dutch houses and their use in Germany to control demonstrations.
Unlike AHK that were controlled by Skynet in Terminator, drones that watch and kill people are controlled by the human mind itself, we didn’t need to find an external enemy beyond ourselves. Therefore drones are transhumanist body and will extensions of the human being and its mind.
The “right to fly” inherits many of the ideas of the Reclaim The Spectrum movement: “those who claim the spectrum [radio-electric] are anticipating a political and social debate that was deprived of the twentieth century but can’t be postponed in this century.” We as citizens demand the use of public air: the medium is the message. If power is becoming more dehumanized with control machines, technology reacts reinventing anti-establishment devices.
GuerrilaDrone is an autonomous system of mobile augmented reality which recognizes elements of public space and offers a ephemeral digital skin layer to the architecture, creating “Temporarily Augmented Zones” GuerrillaDrone wants to be an aerial extension inspired by “The Artvertiser” project. Aims to revolutionize the public space through performative AR actions and Artvertising.
GuerrilaDrone try to reverse the logic of the panopticon as a opaque control system by extending the possibilities of direct actions or performances with aerial audiovisual support, creating urban screens on any surface.
If industrial robotics is used to make tasks more efficient or less dangerous to humans. What are the chances of the citizen robotics? Facing up to the military eagle drone which monitors the citizens we look after the bee drone that pollinates the public space. The Dutch architect Kas Oosterhuis says: “The innovative architect designs swarm architectures in open source and real time. People, buildings and building components communicate with each other, they are all members of the swarm.”