Hacked radio

Posted on July 23, 2012


The FRSky / Turnigy radio controller is born to be hacked.

In fact, the radio comes from a hacked world.

A group of China factory’s produce this radio for less of 80$, with the same quality like a expensive radio for 500$

All radios like Turnigy 9X, FlySky 9X, FrSky 9X, Eurgle 9X, are in fact the same model of radio controller from differents brands.

A hacker boy as reversed engineering  the hardware and builded a new firmware for the radio: er9X.

With this new custom firmware, you can easily configure your radio controller for any kind of pourpuses!

You just need hack the radio like the picture for programme yourself.

The stock of this radio shows the explosion of drone revolution, it’s hard to found one shop in the entire world with stock.

GuerrillaDrone is close to fly!




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