Protecting people from drones in Egypt

Posted on June 9, 2013


Passing 40 days in egyptian post-revolution era near Gaza Strip meanwhile was bombing from drones, was a strong experience for spread the dronism message. Under the strong sun of the desert, I experienced that drones are a sacred tool and we need to understand their massive metaphor.

Even if Egypt is a peaceful country, egyptians are worried of the serious problems that suffer and the delicate relation with Israel and Bedouins in Sinai. So even there is no war, we can not compare the level of tranquility of the country with Spain for example, for spanish citizens, drones are something curious and sometimes funny, for some egiptians can be something real.

I traveled in the hole egyptian territory spreading “fifteen instructions for protect yourself from drones“, introducing these self-defense ideas to civilians that sometimes listen the sound of drones and are afraid of them without having any idea about what to do.

Even if I was there for helping them, sometimes was difficult and dangerous for me to show this information to local people, after some campaigns of muslim brotherhood against tourists consider them spies, I was always taking care of myself a cause of the egyptian paranoia.

Normally I placed the posters at night or if I felt safe I distributed copies of the text to local people in the streets, parks, bus stations, squares, to bedouins, farmers, children… they was always curious about this technology. Normally i finish the talk with a fly with my little ladybird quadcopter.

Also I understood the roles of different spaces, placing a poster in the middle of the desert is not the same as placing it in front of a mosque. People are more sensitive in different places, and some places are more important than others. I discover that the perfect place for put this information is in public toilets: drones can not watching you inside of a room, so you can read carefully, but if you stop in the middle of the square for read a banner, you are an easy target for a drone.

Electric infrastructures in the Oasis of Farafra:

electro 588x1024 Protecting people from drones in Egypt

Poster in Electric infrastructure


hotel 1024x512 Protecting people from drones in Egypt

Poster in Hotel in Luxor

Turistic areas:

dronism 1024x430 Protecting people from drones in Egypt

Poster in old egyptian temple

turismbeduin 1024x533 Protecting people from drones in Egypt

Poster in white desert

Holy places:

cementerio 1024x618 Protecting people from drones in Egypt

Poster in cemetery

mezquita 553x1024 Protecting people from drones in Egypt

Poster in mosque

moises 1024x555 Protecting people from drones in Egypt

Poster in the top of Sinai Mountain

At 2285 meters from the sea level, Moses received from Yahweh the Ten Commandments in the top of Sinai mountain. In some way, the “fifteen instructions for protect yourself from drones” are some kind of commandments, are a human reflection of algorithms of the drone.
al-Qaeda studied them, and invent ways to protect from them. In the near future, when drones start to be autonomous, drones will start to evaluate the behavior of citizens in real-time (right now this behaviors are post-studied by humans) in drone-areas, humans will start to change their behaviors to protect theirselves from any doubt of the software. In some way, from this moment drone-software is transforming human behaviors, similarly as God determining human behaviors with their commandments.


Airports and airplanes:

airportwc 555x1024 Protecting people from drones in Egypt

Luxor Airport Toilet

airplane toilet 1024x589 Protecting people from drones in Egypt

Inside of commercial airplane flying over mediterranean sea

The initial plan was to arrive to Rafah in the Gaza border and fly over the border with the quadcopter in a “one-way trip” with the instructions onboard, until the communication fails with a emergency-landing in the palestinian side with the hope of a child found the copter and the instructions, as a gift that falls from the sky.

info fly web 1024x697 Protecting people from drones in Egypt

Tiny quad copter and mini instructions

But in the last days traveling in Sinai, the police stops me in a checkpoint and forbidden me to continue inside Sinai. The government doesn’t want news of kidnapped tourist in the media that sometimes happen. Only egiptians can access inside of Sinai. Just before to throw in the towel I met some egiptians traveling to Rafah with the intention to cross the border by the tunnels, they were very happy to help me and spread the instructions inside Gaza strip. Happy end.

last checkpoint 300x168 Protecting people from drones in Egypt

Image taken from last checkpoint

These forty days of peregrinations I have felt the existence of this new techno esoteric anthropovision, we need to complete the collection of narratives, beliefs, rituals, symbols, ethics, cultural systems, sacred histories and spirituality around supernatural drones to give new significations to the meaning of human nature through Dronism.

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